We’re on a Bridge to Nowhere

And what was your favorite part of the trip mama? It was all great but I loved seeing, touching, and standing on that bridge. Not the one hanging nearly 30 meters above the waterfall, the one that was built 400 years before I was born. 400 years. A bridge. And there it is. Still standing.… Continue reading We’re on a Bridge to Nowhere

Santiago Yosondua

Sometimes, putting in greater effort brings a greater reward. The town of Santiago Yosundua and its Cascada Esmeralda, is one of those cases. It’s possibly one of the best places I’ve ever been to, but it’s such a trek that I’ve only been there twice. The trip from Oaxaca de Juarez would take about 6 hours… Continue reading Santiago Yosondua

Leaf Cutter Pizza?

This post recently came across my Facebook feed. It starts off like this: “A night of rain and pizza?” “What do you want on it?” “Chicatanas!” Chicatanas are large winged ants that come up out of the ground shortly after the first few rains of the rainy season. I have known of them and that… Continue reading Leaf Cutter Pizza?