Puebla To Oaxaca, the Scenic Route

The drive between Puebla City and Oaxaca City is an easy one, just over 4 hours on the autopista (Mexican toll roads 150D and 135D). And most people who have traveled along this route will tell you it’s a beautiful drive. But by taking this route, you’ve just bypassed some really amazing stuff.

Here is an alternative route, for those of you who want to take the time to discover seldom-visited places for yourself.

We’re on a Bridge to Nowhere

And what was your favorite part of the trip mama? It was all great but I loved seeing, touching, and standing on that bridge. Not the one hanging nearly 30 meters above the waterfall, the one that was built 400 years before I was born. 400 years. A bridge. And there it is. Still standing.… Continue reading We’re on a Bridge to Nowhere