Discovering Paradise?

I’m frequently asked about the coast of Oaxaca. Can I recommend the best beach?

Actually, I can’t because there is no best beach for everyone, but rather everyone has their own best beach.

Some people are looking for the “secret beach” away from the crowds, an idyllic unspoiled “virgin” paradise, but are they really looking for that? I’ve been on a beach where no one was selling anything, and I got a craving for a beer, but if I was going to climb that rocky cliff up to the nearest shop, I wasn’t going to be coming back down again.

There is a reason why the popular beaches became popular. Many of the most popular beaches are easy to get to. The majority of people are not going to climb down a rocky cliff to get to that beautiful little cove. So the most accessible beaches have been developed for tourism.

Swimability is also another factor. Especially for Mexican tourists as few have had the opportunity to take swimming lessons, so shallow beaches with safe surf are usually popular among Mexican families, and the most swimmable beaches have been developed for tourism.

The best thing about the Oaxacan coast is the diversity it offers the traveler.

Sometimes what you need is to just relax on the beach, with your room and a restaurant right there. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Not every trip needs to be full of culture and exploration. The Oaxacan coast has places that are perfect for that.

Some people are looking for places to do water sports, and particularly in the case of surfing, those beaches are often not good for swimming. Oaxaca has world-class surfing beaches for those that are looking for them.

There are also plenty of beaches that ofter surf suitable for body surfing and boogie boarding. Others are looking for a chance to see marine life and Oaxaca has several places that are perfect for snorkeling you can even spot whales in the winter.

So where is the perfect beach? Well, your perfect beach may be anywhere along the approximately 650 km Oaxacan Coast. I suggest you try as many different beaches as necessary to find your perfect beach.


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