Wait-I thought this was beyond the known, the Guelaguezta is probably the most well known tourist extravaganza in the whole state–isn’t it? Why yes, it is. And strangly traditional and untraditional, but maybe some other time I will post about Loma Bonita’s contribution to the Guelaguezta, developed just a few years ago. Today I just… Continue reading Guelaguetza

Leaf Cutter Pizza?

This post recently came across my Facebook feed. It starts off like this: “A night of rain and pizza?” “What do you want on it?” “Chicatanas!” Chicatanas are large winged ants that come up out of the ground shortly after the first few rains of the rainy season. I have known of them and that… Continue reading Leaf Cutter Pizza?

Feria in Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca

With the rainy season well underway, and the hillsides bright green, July is a great time to visit the Mixtec Region of Oaxaca. But a trip to Huajuapan between July 12 and the 24th is made that much better by the Expo Feria and religious festivities for Nuestro Señor de las Corazones. You maybe surprised… Continue reading Feria in Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca